Distribution Center

  • A Ministry Vision given to us by the Lord several months ago in order to meet the needs of people.


A place to connect people who want to give with people who have needs, based on a faith building process of teaching how to believe God for both.

The first step in the process is for us to join our faith with yours in believing for your needs.  In order to do this we have provided a link below for you to share with us what you are believing God for and then, with your permission, we will list these needs (anonymously) for others to join us in prayer and trusting God to provide.  We know the Lord will provide for you and quite possibly through this ministry. We look forward to posting testimonies of how the Lord blessed you through ways you did not expect.

(NOTE: We do not currently have resources to assist, other than prayer, but please join us as we are believing for God to provide us with these resources.) 

The next step will be to strengthen your faith by reading the Word and the promises God gives us.  Visit the blogs and follow us on the social media links where faith-building posts are shared daily.

Future plans include a warehouse facility full of items given in order to help those in need – whether it be natural disaster relief, vehicles, clothing, food, etc. The list is unlimited.

The things Faith Through Love Ministries is believing for:

    •    Staff
    •    Buildings (warehouses)
    •    Partners
    •    Vehicles
    •    Finances


All information provided below will remain private. To share a testimony with us how God met your needs please use the “Contact Us” link above.

(NOTE: Your personal information will not be distributed in any way other than what is stated above. FTLM staff will contact you via the email provided only as necessary. FTLM reserves the right to screen all information it receives and post what is deemed proper.)

Faith Through Love Ministries is in the process of obtaining a 501(c)3 status. At this time gifts are not tax deductible.

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