Don’t Let Your Dreams Die…

As you can see it has been many years since my first blog post. Why? You may ask…  I have never liked to journal or write down my thoughts. Also, life has taken many turns since the creation of our website.  We relocated to a new city, started new jobs, purchased our first home and, well you know, life happened.

Over the past few months, the Lord has been encouraging me to start some blogs. Yes, me, the person who does not like to journal. He sure knows how to stretch us. So, this is the second “first” blog for me. It is my plan to continue on a “regular” basis, maybe not daily or even weekly, but it will happen.

The title of this blog is “Don’t Let Your Dreams Die”.  I titled that because when God gives you a dream there is no expiration date.  God gave Steve the vision of Faith Through Love Ministries in 2002, 18 years ago and yet it is not “fully functioning”. Why has it taken so long? The same answer as above, life happened.  Have we procrastinated in some areas? Yes!  Do we mean to procrastinate? No!  The one thing we have been consistent on is not letting the dream die. Has it been easy? Of course not.  There have been many times we wanted to give up and just live our lives but when God gives you a desire and a ministry He will continue to encourage you to bring it to life no matter how long it takes. The Word says,

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desire.” Psalm 37:4 NLT

I see this verse two different ways. The first is what most people read. That the Lord will give you anything you desire or dream – emphasis on YOU.  Your wants.  Let’s look again. Do we want our desires and dreams to come from Him? Of course we do, but how do we make sure they are coming from the right place? By taking delight in Him, and then he will give us the desires that our hearts have. Make sense?  Read the paragraph again!

Getting back to Faith Through Love Ministries. That “desire” came from the Lord to Steve and therefore it is a dream that will not die as long as we are delighting in the Lord and trusting him to do things that are difficult in the natural. One example is us buying a house 6 months ago.  That is a blog for another day but believe me it was only by trusting God that it happened.  I sit here now, writing this blog on our patio, watching God’s beautiful creation – a dream I had almost given up on.

How do you keep your dreams alive?

  1. Take delight in the Lord – spend time with him and trust him, no matter what.
  2. Take time to find out what desires he is giving you – car, home, ministry, marriage; whatever it is, if it is from Him it can never die as long as you trust him.
  3. Take action when it is the right time. Also, be willing to not take action when it is the wrong time. Ask me how I know!!!
  4. Write down your dreams. Vision boards are extremely popular right now so if you like that idea then make one. It can be as simple as a list of things and as creative as a whole wall of pictures. Just do “you” and don’t try to be someone else.
  5. Revisit them often and spend time with the Lord talking about them. Don’t I mean “praying”? Nope!  I mean talking to Him.  Don’t be so “high church” about your time with him.  Just BE with him.
  6. Finally, do what you can do with what you have. Luke 16:10 says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” (NIV)

If you have a dream/desire that God has given you, we would love to stand with you and believe it will happen.  Click HERE and tell us about it.

Blessings always,


Seeking the Truth

“My child, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, for they will provide a long and full life, and they will add well-being to you. Do not let truth and mercy leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. then you will find favor and good understanding, in the sight of God and people.” Proverbs 3:1-4

Three years ago this month I experienced a turning point in my life.  Situations had caused me to become bitter and angry at God and I blamed him for everything that had gone wrong in my life.  I literally came to a point that I felt I was being given an ultimatum from the Lord…serve Him completely, 100%, with nothing held back or turn my back on Him and go the other way.

This hit me hard as I was raised in church and had never really “went off the deep end” as some had done.  I felt I was always a “Christian” and would have gone to heaven if I died. His message to me during that season was  “That’s not good enough.”  So, I had a decision to make.

Years of disappointment after disappointment in ministry and people had brought me to a place of no longer knowing what I believed or who to believe when it came to church doctrine.  I had served as a pastor’s wife in 3 different denominations and worked for 2 others. The different belief systems of those 5 groups covered a very wide expanse of “truth” and interpretation of the Word.  So, which one, if any, of these groups were “right”?

I made the only decision I could when it comes to seeking truth….I put  my face on the floor and committed to seek the Lord and the Word for truth.  I asked Him to show me the genuine as opposed to the “fake” and “abuses” I had seen over the years. I opened my Bible and started reading, enduring condemnation from some who should have been supportive. Even so, I continued and prayed each day for God to show me the truths I knew He wanted me to see in each chapter and verse that I read.  I attended services and sought Him around the altar, surrendering myself to Him and overcame preconceived ideas and skepticism.

Three years later I have come a long way but still have so much further to go.  I have learned so much and look forward to sharing some of these things in the blogs to come. My encouragement to you today is this….start today to seek the truth by opening that Bible sitting on your shelf and begin with just a verse or a chapter. Ask the Lord what He wants you to see and then read each and every day.  Some days you may feel like you didn’t get anything and on others you will find yourself reading for an hour or more but it only feels like minutes.  I know one thing – when you seek truth in the Word you will NEVER be let down!

~ Trena